Challenges a professional athlete may face

Sports School students attend a debate organised by the organisation REACTION Youth for the Prevention.  The guest speakers are athletes Antonis Georgallides, Marileni Makri and Marios Georgiou who will represent Cyprus in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The three of them, share their experiences with the students and talk about the challenges a professional athlete may…

Παγκόσμια ήμερα Roald Dahl

Το τμήμα αγγλικών γιορτάζει την παγκόσμια ήμερα Roald Dahl με έναν διαγωνισμό Kahoot. Τα παιδιά της 5ης και 6ης τάξης, απαντούν σε ερωτήσεις που αφορούν τα βιβλία και τη βιογραφία του πιο αγαπητού συγγραφέα αγγλικής παιδικής λογοτεχνίας. Oι μαθητές με τις περισσότερες και γρηγορότερες σωστές απαντήσεις κερδίζουν ως έπαθλο βιβλία του Roald Dahl.

GCS Sports Day

The Sports Department organises this year’s Sports Day for the students of the Lower School. The medal winners will represent the School in the Nicosia District Track & Field Games organised by the Ministry of Education & Culture.

GCS Science Fair 2019

One of the more spectacular scientific events of the school, GCS Science Fair 2019 took place on Tuesday 5 November from 13:00-16:00. It hosted experiments from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as demonstrations that exploded or burned (safely!), with flames that even danced to the tune of select music or whirled in a tornado.…

Akamas fieldwork investigation

On the 2nd of November our Biology 7th formers visited the Akamas area, to conduct a fieldwork investigation on the unique biodiversity of the area. Our students investigated the effect of salinity on the distribution and abundance of different plant and animal species.