Interactive play

Year 1 students attend the performance “Το δωμάτιο του Γιώργου” by Θέατρο Βαλίτσα. It is an interactive play on the subject of cyberbullying. The discussion that follows the play helps students understand the various forms of cyberbullying and how they can identify, report and find solutions to tackle the problem. Director: Eleni Anastasiou. Actors: Andreas…

Volunteering in Peristerona

On Tuesday, 13 November, members of the Volunteers Club were involved in a number of community service activities in Peristerona village. They first visited the senior service centre «Άγιος Αντώνιος». During their visit, our students joined the elderly in their everyday activities including singing traditional songs, dancing, and playing music. This was followed by a…

Θεατρική Παράσταση

Τα παιδιά του Α΄ κύκλου, παρακολουθούν την παιδική θεατρική παράσταση «Η Πεντάμορφη και το Τέρας», στο Σατιρικό Θέατρο. Μια παράσταση που εξυμνεί την ομορφιά που κρύβεται στην ψυχή του κάθε ανθρώπου.

Αθλητική Ημερίδα

Πραγματοποιείται η αθλητική ημερίδα του σχολείου μας στον χώρο του Secondary School. Οι μαθητές αγωνίζονται σε 4 αθλήματα (απόσταση, δρόμο, μπαλάκι και μήκος).  Στο τέλος της ημερίδας απονέμονται μετάλλια στις τρεις πρώτες θέσεις αγοριών και κοριτσιών ανά τάξη και δίδονται βραβεία συμμετοχής σε όλους του μαθητές.

Cyprus Football

On Wednesday 7 November 2018 the Current Affairs Society organised an event titled “Κυπριακό Ποδόσφαιρο: πολιτικές ταυτότητες και πολεμικές αντιπαλότητες”.  It was a presentation on politics and football in Cyprus by Dr Constantinos Adamides. The presentation was very interactive and the students had the opportunity to learn about the politics around football and how/why people…

Our very own Olympic finalist

Our very own Irene Tanos of Form 6 has qualified for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games by winning face-to-face dances against the best 168 b-girls from around the world in Breaking competitions in Germany and Japan. B-girl Ivy showed off her moves in the preliminary rounds of Breaking, the most radical discipline added…

Interschool Swimming Competition

On 25 October, the following students represented the School and excelled in the Interschool Swimming Competition 2018-19: Andreas Pantziaros Gold and Silver Medals, Michalis Iordanou Silver and Bronze Medals, Stelios Stamatis Bronze Medal, and Relay (Andreas Pantziaros, Stelios Stamatis, Petros Kypreos and Michalis Iordanou) Bronze Medal.