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Student Registration Form

Please complete one registration form per student in English using lower case letters.

A student can select more than one subjects. Before proceeding make sure you know which subjects and classes you want to register the student for.

You must also have the student's birth certificate or ID card in electronic form (pdf or jpg).
The following classes are full:
Pre-Junior - Tuesday-Friday 3:10-4:30 (Acropoli)
Teens 1 - Tuesday-Friday 3:10-4:40 (Acropoli)
Playtime - Monday 4:40-5:25 (Strovolos)
Kids - Wednesday 3:10-4:30 (Strovolos)
Junior 1 - Tuesday-Friday 4:40-6:00 (Strovolos)
Junior 2 - Monday-Thursday 4:40-6:00 (Strovolos)
Junior 3 - Tuesday-Friday 3:00-4:30 (Strovolos)
Teens 1 - Monday-Thursday 4:40-6:10 (Strovolos)
Teens 1 - Tuesday-Friday 4:40-6:10 (Strovolos)
Teens 2 - Monday-Thursday 3:00-4:30 (Strovolos)
Teens 2 - Monday-Thursday 4:40-6:10 (Strovolos)
Senior - Tuesday-Friday 3:00-4:50 (Strovolos)

Student's Information

Parents / Guardians Information

Selection of Subject(s)

Check all the classes the student would like to enrol at the G C Institute.


Personal Data Processing

The school, in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Law (EE 2016/679 GDPR), informs that the personal data collected on this registration form, are not disclosed to any third party unless required by law or by court order or if requested by any state or regulatory authority and when the customer expressly consents to any way of disclosing the personal information.

It is understood that the personal data collected will only be processed by the school for the purpose for which they were collected, i.e. enrolment in the GCS Institute.

As a parent / legal guardian, you have the rights granted by the Legislation to the right of access, correction, deletion of objection to the processing of personal data. Unless enrolled in the school, all personal data will be destroyed.

For more information about managing and processing personal data, you can visit or contact the school's Data Officer directly at [email protected]

The consent below must be given by the parent/guardian who wishes to receive the Registration/Payment Verification email that will be sent upon submission of this form.


Please click the “Make Payment” button below to access the JCC gateway to proceed with the payment of:

The amount above includes the first month’s instalment for each course of studies (subjects)  and a Registration Fee of €20.

Upon completion of the enrolment procedure, you will receive a Registration/Payment Verification email.