The school policy regarding ordering videos and photographs taken during school events, ensures compliance with the data protection law (GDPR). The procedure allows parents to order photographs of their children electronically and receive them in digital form. Videos are received on a USB Memory Stick.

The school cooperates with a professional photographer/cameraman for all major school events. These include class photographs, shows, end-of-year ceremonies, school plays, parades, celebrations, etc. If the event/activity is video-recorded as well, parents will be able to order the video.



The photographs taken are uploaded to a webpage, access to which is given only to participants’ parents (when possible). The link to this webpage is sent to parents by email. Photographs can be ordered online at no cost, by sending an email to [email protected] including the number that corresponds to each photograph the parent wishes to receive. The photographs ordered are then sent to parents via WeTransfer, a service that allows transferring and downloading files (downloading availability after transfer for 7 days).

A very similar procedure applies to school activities that are video-recorded. A link is sent to participants’ parents to place orders online, and when the order is ready to be collected, the parent is notified via email or sms. The video (on a USB stick) is collected from Reception.



  1. In an attempt to safeguard the proper use of our students’ photographs, the images posted on the ordering page are edited by the school by placing watermarks and decreasing the resolution (quality). The ones sent to parents are in high resolution and without any watermark.
  2. Printing services are not offered by the school. Parents may have the photographs sent by the school printed at a photo studio / print house of their choice, at any size and material they wish.
  3. All orders are monitored by the school Communication Department to ensure that no photograph of a child is sent to a recipient other than the parent. The Department, therefore, accepts orders up to 30 photographs.
  4. Video orders submitted after the specified deadline will be subject to a fee of €10 due to the separate processing required for late orders.