Founded in 1973, The G C School of Careers is one of the island’s leading private academic institutions, providing high quality pre-school, primary and secondary education in a supportive and disciplined learning environment.

The Management’s primary goal is to give all students the opportunity to acquire a solid education and enable them to develop intellectually and culturally. The Careers Counsellors, the School Psychologists, the Heads of Departments and the Heads of Year work closely with the School Management to help all GCS students cope with any adversity and improve their overall performance.

Both the academic and extra-curricular programmes encourage and guide students to excel academically, develop their critical, analytical and transferable skills, and become all-round personalities characterised by self-confidence and broad-mindedness.

The achievement of this aim is ensured through continual supervision of each individual student. A GCS student graduates with all necessary qualities to be admitted in top universities and is able to pursue a successful career.

In 2015 the School Management introduced The GCS Mathematics School and The GCS Sports School, both aiming to develop talented students’ special abilities and enable them to acquire new skills.

The GC Institute of Careers has been supporting students since the foundation of the School in 1973, offering a variety of afternoon classes for ages 5 through adult. The GC Football Academy was founded in 2002, and since then, it has been providing quality coaching to children aged 4-14.

The Stelios Hadjipetris Foundation, founded in memory of the founder of the G C School of Careers, is an independent, non-profit institution committed to advancing the quality of education in Cyprus. The Foundation organises lectures on topics of interest to students, teachers and parents, on educational policy, on the innovative use of technologies and on overcoming learning disabilities. Every year the Stelios Hadjipetris Foundation offers Awards and Scholarships in the form of financial aid to students who excel academically.

The School’s targets are high and demanding, and the Management puts every effort into creating individuals who are equipped with all the requisite qualities and qualifications in order to prosper in their studies, future careers and adult life.