School Regulations

It is each student’s responsibility to know and abide by all School regulations throughout the School year. All rules and regulations are in effect during School hours on School grounds, on School buses and during School trips.

The School encourages good manners and behaviour and promotes self-discipline. Each student is responsible for his/her own personal conduct at all times.



The school has always set very high expectations for its students’ discipline and their behavioural development, and it encourages good manners and self-discipline. All School Rules and Regulations appear in the Student’s Guide which is given to students at the beginning of each academic year. School Regulations must be fully respected by every student of the G C School of Careers, and it is each student’s responsibility to know and abide by them throughout the school year.

The School encourages every student to develop a sense of responsibility. A high standard of conduct is expected of every student at all times, and, to this end, the full co-operation of parents is essential.

While the School aims at inculcating self-discipline, a disciplinary code would be impractical if it did not provide punishments aimed at reforming habitual offenders and maintaining discipline and order in the School. These punishments range from reprimand by the Principal or teachers to more serious punishments decided upon by the Disciplinary Committee.