External Examination Results 2022

IGCSE Subject A*-A A*-B A*-C
Art & Design 75 75 91.7
Biology 87.8 95.9 100
Chemistry 95 97.5 100
Computer Science 71.9 84.4 100
Economics 83.8 95.6 98.5
English 1st Language 60 89.4 95.3
English 2nd Language 41.7 83.3
English Literature 68.2 86.4 100
French 100 100 100
Geography 76.9 88.5 100
History 68.9 88.9 100
Mathematics 89.2 97.8 100
Mathematics Further 77.8 77.8 100
Mathematics Statistics 64.3 85.7 100
Modern Greek 67.3 86 97.2
Physics 83.3 91.7 100
Overall Averages 76 90.4 98.4


A-level Subject A*-A A*-B A*-C
Accounting 66.7 80 100
Art & Design 75 75 100
Biology 60 66.7 86.7
Chemistry 90 100 100
Computer Science 45.5 72.7 81.8
Economics 64 84 96
English Literature 14.3 71.4 85.7
French 66.7 100 100
Geography 50 50 100
History 42.9 71.4 92.9
Mathematics 72.9 89.6 95.8
Mathematics Further 71.4 85.7 100
Modern Greek 84.4 97.9 100
Physics 54.5 72.7 100
Psychology 41.7 50 91.7
Overall Averages 69 85.2 96.5



University Offers 2022

Offers from the most competitive Universities



University of St Andrews: Geography

Bath University: Chemical Engineering, Mathematics (2), Pharmacy, Mathematics & Statistics (2), Mechanical Engineering with Placement, Economics, Aerospace Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Electrical & Electronic Engineering

University of Birmingham: Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics

University of Bristol: Law, Mathematics (3), Economics (2), Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Economics & Management, Geography with Innovation, Accounting & Finance, Psychology, Accounting & Management

Brighton-Sussex Medical School: Medicine    

Cardiff University: Architecture, Physics with Medical Physics, Pharmacy, Business Management, Psychology

City, University of London: Business with Finance, Law, Business Management

Durham University: Accounting, Law, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics & Statistics

University of East Anglia: Accounting & Management

University of Edinburgh: Chemical Engineering, Computer Science (2), Geography

University of Glasgow: Medicine, Economics, Aerospace Systems, Business & Management, Economics/Geography, Computing Science

Imperial College London: Medicine

King’s College London: Law (2), Mathematics, Economics & Management (3), History

The University of Law: Law

University of Lancaster: Mathematics, Computer Science, Accounting & Management

University of Leeds: Accounting & Finance

University of Leicester: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Law

University of Liverpool: Psychology

Loughborough University: Computer Science

University of Manchester: Accounting, Medicine, Pharmacy, Accounting with Industrial/Professional Experience, Aerospace Engineering, Law, Mechanical Engineering

Newcastle University:  Accounting & Finance, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering (2), Business Accounting & Finance – Flying Start, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering

University of Nottingham: Pharmacy, Mathematics (2), Finance Accounting & Management (2), Aerospace Engineering, Management, Computer Science (2), Psychology, Electrical & Electronic Engineering

University of Plymouth: Mechanical Engineering

Queen Mary University of London: Chemical Engineering with Industrial Experience, Law (3), Biomedical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Medicine, History & Politics, Business Management

University of Reading: Accounting & Business – Flying Start, Mathematics, Business & Management (3), Law (2), Accounting & Finance, Psychology, Computer Science, History

University of Sheffield: Law, Mechanical Engineering

University of Southampton: Economics, Mathematics with Statistics (2), Economics & Business Management, Geography, Computer Science, Economics & Accounting

University of Sussex: Law

Swansea University: Mechanical Engineering

University College London: Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistical Science, Urban Planning Design & Management, Law

Warwick University: Biomedical Science, Law, Mathematics Operational Research Statistics Economics (MORSE), Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics, Management

York University: Business & Management, Psychology, Law


Other Countries

University of Cyprus: Business
University of Nicosia: Medicine

The Netherlands
University of Groningen: Psychology, International & European Law, Mathematics (2), International Business (2)
Maastricht University:  European Law, Psychology, Econometrics & Operational Research
University of Amsterdam: Artificial Intelligence, Actuarial Science

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Medicine
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: Medicine (3)

Maragoni Fashion Institute, Milan: Fashion Design

Northeastern University, Boston: Business


Note: Where more than 1 student hold offers for a specific university course, the number is indicated in brackets.



Calendar of Achievements 2021-2022


Academic Excellence

Panagiota Yiallouri (Grad 2021) is awarded a High Achievement Award for her results in Cambridge International A-level History, and Olga Hadjigeorgiou of Form7 is awarded the Top Mark in the World in Cambridge International AS History.


Distinction in European & International Programmes

European Youth Parliament
The following students represented the School in the EYP programme held in March 2022: Charilaou Charis, Vasiliou Isavella, Vassiliou Michalis, Makride Nicoletta, Michaeloudes Nikiforos, Demetriou Simone.

Mediterranean Model United Nations
In February 2022, a delegation of eight students represents the GCS in the 17th Annual MediMUN Conference, a simulation of the United Nations, taking on the challenges of international diplomacy. The delegates: Kouma Anna Maria, Lazarou Arsenia, Charilaou Charis, Vasiliou Isavella, Vassiliou Michalis, Iordanou Michalis, Demetriou Simone, Zorpas Stephanos

Research Programme «Μαθητές στην Έρευνα»
In March 2022, the following students represent the School in the “Students in Research” competition organised by the Ministry of Education & Culture and the Research Promotion Foundation: Mavratsa Olga, Makridi Nicoletta, Kontos Fanos, Avraamidou Anna, Kouppa Georgia, Pieri Christos, Pieri Panayiotis, Stylianides Marios and Papandreou Klitos.

First Tech Challenge Cyprus
On 20 March 2022, the GCS Robotics Club wins the First Prize in the First Tech Challenge Cyprus, a competition amongst schools from all around Cyprus. Having been awarded the Inspire Award and the Innovate Award, GCS represents Cyprus in the International FTC competition held in Houston, USA in April 2022.

Oxbridge Academic Programmes
Varnavas Hadjipanayis, Alexandros Anastasis and Artemis Papasotiriou of Form 4, and Christos Leonidou and Anastasios Nicolaou of Form 6, receive scholarships to attend the Oxbridge Academic Programmes in July/August 2022.

Cyprus Friendship Programme
Nikiana Loizou of Form 6 and Thelma Piperidou of Form 3, are selected to participate in a one-week residential camp, organised by the Cyprus Friendship Programme (CFP) held in August 2022.

Commissioner for Children’s Rights (Youth Council)
In February 2022, Stavros Papacharalambous of Form 4 is appointed by the Commissioner for Children’s Rights as a member of the 11th Youth Council for children’s rights.

Generation KlimACT Programme
In May 2022, Eco Club students, Maria Chandriotou of Form 6 and Krinoulla Kokkinou of Form 4, represent the School as Climate Change Ambassadors in the Generation KlimACT Programme. In June 2022, the girls receive an award presented by the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Agency (CYMEPA) to the GCS for achieving Green Flag status and becoming an Eco School.


Distinction in External Competitions

International Geography Olympiad
Having won the First Place at the Pancyprian Geography Olympiad held in March 2022, Year 7 student George Neocleous represents Cyprus and wins the Bronze Medal at the 18th International Geography Olympiad held under the auspices of the International Geographical Union Olympiad Task Force.

 Regional Mathematics Competition
The following Maths School students represent the School and excel the 2021-22 Regional Mathematics Competition organised by the Cyprus Mathematical Society: Form 1 – Georgiou Stavros, Florides Michael, Theophanous Sotiris. Fom 2 – Karatsiolis Theocharis  Form 3 – Papacharalambous George. Form 4 – Fu Jinguen Xiao.

Pancyprian Mathematics Competition
Having excelled in the Pancyprian Mathematics Competition, the following students are invited to participate in the A’ Selection Competition for the International Mathematics Competitions JBMO, BMO, EGMO, MYMC and IMO:  Georgiou Stavros and Florides Michalis (Form 1) and Karatsiolis Theocharis (Form 3)

Mathematics Olympiad
The following students excel in the Mathematics Olympiad 2022 organised by the Cyprus Mathematical Society: Form 1: Georgiou Stavros (Gold), Florides Michalis (Silver), Americanos Aris (Silver), Neophytou Kalia (Bronze), Glykis Evelthon (Bronze). Form 2: Papallis Aris (Silver), Karatsiolis Theocharis (Silver), Stylianou Andreas (Bronze), Christoforou Angelos (Bronze), Xiouros Nicolas (Bronze). Form 3: Christou Andreas (Gold), Panayiotides Victoras (Gold), Constantinou Stephanos (Silver), Polydorou Andreas (Bronze), Papacharalambous George (Bronze), Tsangaridou Maria (Bronze). Form 4: Dianellos Antonis (Bronze). Form 5: Wang Zicheng (Bronze).

European Statistics Competition
Having received the first and second position in Phase 1, two Maths School teams qualify for the Second National Phase of the European Statistics competition: Charalambous Konstantinos, Dianellos Antonios, Pantelides Andreas – Form 4 (First Position); Ioannou Ioannis, Nicolaou Anastasia, Nicolaou Anastasios Form 6 (Second Position)

Mathematics Kangourou Competition
In April 2022, twenty-three GCS students represent the School and excel in the Kangourou Mathematics Competition organised by the Thales Foundation: Form 1: Evelthon Glykys, Aris Americanos and Stavros Georgiou (Silver Medals), Sotiris Thefanous, Constantinos Tseriotis and Michalis Florides (Bronze Medals). Form 2: Sotia Koukou and Theocharis Karatsiolis (Gold Medals), Aris Papallis (Silver Medal), Angelos Christoforou, Andreas Stylianou and Antonis Pissarides (Bronze Medals). Form 3: Stafanos Constantinou (Silver Medal), Andreas Polydorou, Andreas Christou, Maria Tsangaridou, Giorgos Papacharalambous and Olga Salidou (Bronze Medals). Form 4: Jingwen Fu (Gold Medal), Andreas Pantelides (Silver Medal) and Antonis Dianellos (Bronze Medal). Form 5: Giorgos Alexandrou and Zicheng Wang (Silver Medals).

12th Pancyprian Informatics BEBRAS Competition
The following students participate and excel in the final round of the 12th Pancyprian Informatics & Computational Thinking Competition and are invited to attend an award ceremony: Form 1 – Americanos Aris and Evelthon Glykys. Form 2: Patinios Constantinos, Nicolaides Loucas, Karatsiolos Theocharis and Stylianou Andreas. Form 3: Constantinou Stefanos, Tsangaridou Maria and Christou Andreas.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021
In September 2021, the School is informed that the following Form 5 students have excelled in The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021: Elena Kyriacou and Vera Kyriacou – Silver Award, and Isavella Vasiliou, Maria-Christina Loumba, Christina Sofocleous, Nicoletta Makrides and Christina Paraskeva – Bronze Aaward. This is a competition where students are offered this opportunity as young Commonwealth citizens to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences on key global issues and have their hard work and achievement celebrated internationally. The theme for 2021 was Community in the Commonwealth during Covid-19. 


Distinction in Sports

Pancyprian Badminton Games
On 31 January 2022, Angeliki Avraam of Form 3 represents the School in the Pancyprian Badminton Games and wins the Silver Medal.

Pancyprian Swimming Competition
On 9 February 2022, the following students represent the School and excel in the Pancyprian Swimming Competition organised by the Ministry of Education & Culture: Andreas Pantziaros (Silver Medal), Michalis Iordanou (Bronze Medal) and Nefeli Chiappa (4th place).

Pancyprian Individual Swimming Games
In February 2022, the following students represent the School and excel in the Pancyprian Individual Swimming Games: Andreas Pantzaros (2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals), Michalis Iordanou (Silver Medal), Nefeli Chiappa (3 Bronze Medals), and Kyriakos Philippou and Sophia Gavrielidou (Bronze Medal).

Pancyprian Table Tennis Competition
On 28 February, Christos Theophanous of Form 5 represents the School in the Pancyprian Table Tennis Competition and wins the Silver Medal.


Note: Some of the External Programmes and Competitions our students participate in annually were cancelled due to Covid-19.