External Examination Results 2022

IGCSE Subject A*-A A*-B A*-C
Art & Design 75 75 91.7
Biology 87.8 95.9 100
Chemistry 95 97.5 100
Computer Science 71.9 84.4 100
Economics 83.8 95.6 98.5
English 1st Language 60 89.4 95.3
English 2nd Language 41.7 83.3
English Literature 68.2 86.4 100
French 100 100 100
Geography 76.9 88.5 100
History 68.9 88.9 100
Mathematics 89.2 97.8 100
Mathematics Further 77.8 77.8 100
Mathematics Statistics 64.3 85.7 100
Modern Greek 67.3 86 97.2
Physics 83.3 91.7 100
Overall Averages 76 90.4 98.4


A-level Subject A*-A A*-B A*-C
Accounting 66.7 80 100
Art & Design 75 75 100
Biology 60 66.7 86.7
Chemistry 90 100 100
Computer Science 45.5 72.7 81.8
Economics 64 84 96
English Literature 14.3 71.4 85.7
French 66.7 100 100
Geography 50 50 100
History 42.9 71.4 92.9
Mathematics 72.9 89.6 95.8
Mathematics Further 71.4 85.7 100
Modern Greek 84.4 97.9 100
Physics 54.5 72.7 100
Psychology 41.7 50 91.7
Overall Averages 69 85.2 96.5



University Offers 2023

Offers from the most competitive Universities



Bath University: Computer Science and Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering

University of Birmingham: Chemical Engineering, Psychology,

University of Bristol: Accounting and Finance, Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology

University of Cambridge: Medicine

Cardiff University: Accounting and Finance, Biomedical Science, Computer Science (2), Economics and Management, Environmental Sustainability Science, Law (2), Psychology

City, University of London: Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Law

Durham University: Computer Science, Psychology

University of Edinburgh: Biological Sciences (Molecular Genetics)

University of Glasgow: Computer Science, Economics/Geography

Imperial College London: Mathematics and Computer Science (3), Medicine

King’s College London: Biomedical Engineering, Economics

University of Leeds: Accounting and Finance, Chemical Engineering, Economics and Geography

University of Leicester: Computer Science, Law (2), Mechanical Engineering, Psychology

London School of Economics and Political Science: Mathematics, Statistics and Business       

Loughborough University: Computer Science, Geography with Economics

University of Manchester: Accounting and Finance, Actuarial Science and Mathematics, Architecture, Business Accounting with Professional Placement (flying start), Economics, Economics and Finance, Law, Psychology

Newcastle University: Accounting and Finance (3), Biomedical Genetics, Biomedical Sciences, Business, Accounting and Finance (Flying Start), Computer Science (3), Economics and Business Management, Law (2), Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering

University of Nottingham: Accountancy (flying start), Architecture, Economics, Geography with Business, Law, Psychology (2)

Queen Mary, University of London: Actuarial Science, Biomedical Engineering, Law, Psychology

University of Sheffield: Accounting and Financial Management, Architecture, Bioengineering, Business Management and Economics, Economics, Law (2), Mechanical Engineering (2), Psychology

University of Southampton: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Economics and Business Management, Economics and Finance, Law (2), Mathematics, Mathematics with Actuarial Science, Mechanical Engineering

University College London:   Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Warwick University:Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Computer Science, Economics, Global Sustainable Development

York University: Environmental Science


Other Countries

KU Leuven: Business Administration

University of Toronto: Biochemistry

Czech Republic
Palacky University:
Medicine (3)

Aristotle University of
Thessaloniki: Medicine (2)
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: Medicine (2)

University of Pecs:

Trinity College Dublin:
Computer Science

The Netherlands
University of Amsterdam:
Psychology (2), Literary Studies, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Business Analytics, Business Administration
University of Groningen: Computer Science, Psychology, International & European Law (3), Medicine, International Business
Leiden University: Psychology (3), Liberal Arts & Sciences
Maastricht University: Computer Science, European Law (2), Science Programme
Utrecht University: Literary Studies
Vrije University Amsterdam: Computer Science, Law in Society, Business Analytics

University of San Diego:
Syracuse University: Communication and Rhetorical Studies
University of Texas at Austin: Business

Note: Where more than 1 student hold offers for a specific university course, the number is indicated in brackets.



Calendar of Achievements 2022-2023


Academic Excellence

The Edexcel International High Achievers’ Awards
In October 2022, the School is informed that the following students are awarded by the Edexcel Board of Examinations the Outstanding Pearson Learner Award for having excelled in the 2022 examination series. Georgia Kyriakou (Grad 2022) attained the Highest Mark in the World in GCE A-level Accounting, Kleio Naziri (Grad 2022) the Highest Mark in Europe in GCE A-level Economics, Nicoletta Makridi and Marilia Alexandrou of Form 6 the Highest Mark in the World in GCE A-level Greek, Varnavas Hadjipanayis Form 5 the Highest Mark in Europe in GCSE Statistics, Zacharias Zachariadis of Form 6 the Highest Mark in Europe in IGCSE Economics and Alexandra Ioannou of Form 6 attained the Highest Mark in Europe in IGCSE Human Biology.

The Cambridge Board of Examinations High Achievers’ Award
In November 2022, the School is informed that Giorgos Neokleous (Grad 2022) will be awarded the Cambridge High Achievers’ Award for having attained the Top Mark in Cyprus in A-level History.


Distinction in European & International Programmes

European Youth Parliament – National Session
Having participated in the EYP Pre-selection Days event held in February 2023, the following students will represent the School in the National Session organised in August 2023: Stephanie Soteriou, Anna Lorena Macias, Christina Vasileiou and Irini Makride of Form 5 and Giorgos Papacharalambous and Andreas Christou of Form 4.

European Youth Parliament – International Session
In October 2022, Christina Miltiadou of Form 7, represents Cyprus in an International Session of the European Youth Parliament in the European Parliament of Brussels in Belgium. She participates in discussions and debates with other international students about current affairs, and submits a resolution to the Parliament of Belgium.

Mediterranean Model United Nations
In February 2023, a delegation of five students represents the GCS in the 18th Annual MediMUN Conference, a simulation of the United Nations, taking on the challenges of international diplomacy. The delegates: Victoria Shahabian, Archontia Vezyrides, Krinoula Kokkinou, Simoni Koshiari and Stephanie Sotiriou.

Euromath & Euroscience Student Conferences
In March 2023, twenty-six students from Forms 1, 3 (Maths School), 5 and 6 represent the School in the Euromath & Euroscience student conferences held in Krakow, Poland. The students present a total of 12 projects receiving excellent comments for their work. Awards: Ethos Award: Antonis Pissarides (Form 3 Maths School). First Prize Euroscience Individual Project: “Volcanic Chemistry” – Antonis Pissarides (Form 3 Maths School). Third Prize Euroscience Group Project: “Travelling with Tides” – Giorgos Alexandrou (Form 6 Maths School) and Marcos Phinicarides (Form 6).

First Tech Challenge
In March 2023, the GCS Robotics team VOYAGERS #21100 represents the School in the 2nd FIRST TECH CHALLENGE event. Our team wins the Finalist Alliance Award along with Melon Lab Universals. Voyagers win all matches in the qualifying rounds and the semi-final and achieve the highest score in the competition. Our team also wins the Control Award (also known as the “software award”) which is awarded to the team with the best/most innovative software and sensor solution for the game. Team members: Christos Theofanou, Danae Maria Alexopoulou, Marios Stavrinou, Leonidas Laou, Spiros Ketteni, Theophanis Hambezos, Thiseas Socratous, Kehan Xu, Zicheng Wang, Antonis Pissarides.

Sci-Tech Challenge
In April 2023, Andreas Christou, Giorgos Papacharalambous, Ioli Demetriou, Orestis Stylianides and Stefanos Constantinou of Form 4, represent the School in Sci-Tech Challenge 2023, a programme designed to motivate students, aged 15-18, to consider career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

London International Youth Science Forum
Having been awarded a scholarship, Alexandra Ioannou and Marcos Phinicarides of Form 6 represent the School in the London International Youth Science Forum in August 2023.

Medicover Genetics Competition
In May 2023, Christina Miltiadou of Form 7 is awarded the First Prize in the competition organised by MEDICOVER GENETICS carried out within the framework of World’s DNA Day. The winning entry is a scientific essay regarding the advantages of using Genetics for the purpose of precision and personalised medicine.

Oxbridge Academic Programmes
Christos Theofanous, Avra Alexia Artemi, Kalia Lefkati, Kokkinou Krinoula, Daphne Hadjipavlou, Michaelia Kasinis, Marilia Christoforou, Nicoletta Makridi, Marileni Iacovidi, Angeliki Hadjigregoriou, and Eva Christina Christodoulou, receive scholarships to attend the Oxbridge Academic Programmes in July/August 2023.

European Network of Young Advisors – Commissioner for Children’s Rights
Stavros Papacharalambous of Form 5 is appointed by the Commissioner for Children’s Rights

as a member of the Youth Council for children’s rights. Stavros is also an appointed member of the European Network of Young Advisors

Cyprus Friendship Programme
Piperidou Thelma, Koudounas Alexandros, Hadjipanayis Antonis and Mylonas Stelios are selected to participate in the Cyprus Friendship Programme (CFP) held in August 2023.

Euroscola Programme
In March 2023, Georgina Lambrou and Victoria Shahabian of Form 5 participate in the Euroscola Programme and represent the School in plenary and committee sessions where they debate and vote on resolutions on various current affairs. The programme is held in Strasbourg.


Distinction in External Competitions

International English Language Olympiad
Having won the Pancyprian Prize in the competition conducted by the Ministry of Education, the GCS ELO Team represents Cyprus in the International English Language Olympiad held in Jordan. The standard of our students’ work, earn Cyprus The First International Prize in Theatrical Performance.  Our students were inspired by the reality of the modern world, and composed the plot and script for a play they performed in Jordan called #BeReal, portraying emotionally vulnerable teenagers exposed to a number of threats on social media. ELO Team Members: Ino Georgiade, Margarita Stylianidou, Antonis Hadjipanayis, Marcia Mourouzidou and Leda Hadjipanayi.

International Olympiad of Informatics
In May 2023, Andreas Leonidou of Form 6 achieves 3rd place in the Cyprus Olympiad of Informatics (COI) and will represent Cyprus as a member of the national team in the International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI) to be held in Hungary in August 2023. Furthermore, Andreas will also represent Cyprus in the Balkan Olympiad of Informatics (BOI) in 2024. The Olympiad of Informatics consists of solving algorithmic problems of computer programming within a restrained timeframe.

International Geography Olympiad
Having won 2nd place in the Pancyprian Geography Olympiad held in April 2023, Year 6 student Theodoulos Ttelias represents Cyprus in the 19th International Geography Olympiad held in Indonesia under the auspices of the International Geographical Union Olympiad Task Force.

Pancyprian Mathematics Relay Competition
In March 2023, students of the Maths School participate in the Pancyprian Maths Relay Competition organised by the Cyprus Mathematical Society. The GCS team ranks 3rd out of the 66 participating schools.  Participants: Kyriaki Tzialli, Iasonas Diakos, Nikolas Christodoulou, Americanos Aris, Florides Michalis, Georgiou Stavros, Karatsiolis Theocharis, Papallis Aris, Koukou Sotia.

Mathematics Olympiad
The following students excel in the Mathematics Olympiad 2023 organised by the Cyprus Mathematical Society: Form 2: Florides Mıchalis (Silver) and Theofanous Sotiris (Bronze). Form 3: Karatsiolis Theocharis (Gold). Form 4: Christou Andreas (Silver) and Wang Yue (Bronze). Form 5: Pantelides Andreas (Silver).

Pancyprian Statistics Competition
On 18 January, the School is informed that two of the three GCS teams that represented the School in the National Statistics Competition held on 10, January 2023 – an event with more than 400 participants competing in groups of two or three students – have qualified for the Second National Phase of the European Statistics competition. The GCS Teams: Form 5 – Konstantinos Charalambous, Antonios Dianellos, Varnavas Hadjipanayis. Form 6 – Giorgos Alexandrou, Christos Theofanous, Zicheng Wang.

European Statistics Competition
Having excelled in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the National Statistics Competition, the GCS team comprising of the following Year 5 students, is selected to represent Cyprus at the European Statistics competition: Konstantinos Charalambous, Antonis Dianellos and Varnavas Hadjipanayis

Mathematics Kangourou Competition
In April 2023, the following GCS students represent the School and excel in the Kangourou Mathematics Competition organised by the Thales Foundation: Nikolas Christodoulou, Kyriaki Tzialli, Aris Americanos, Stavros Georgiou, Angelos Christoforou, Theocharis Karatsiolis, Andreas Stylianou, Yue Wang, Jingwen Fu, Constantinos Charalambous and Zicheng Wang.

Pancyprian School Competition of Contemporary Plays & Ancient Drama
On 4 April 2023, the School is informed that the play production of the adaptation of Costas Montis’ Closed Doors, staged by the GCS Greek Drama Club on 12 March 2023, has been awarded the Second Prize in the Pancyprian School Competition of Contemporary Plays & Ancient Drama organised by the Ministry of Education & Culture and the Theatrical Cyprus Organisation.

Research Programme «Μαθητές στη Έρευνα»
In March 2023, the following students represent the School in the “Students in Research” competition organised by the Ministry of Education & Culture and the Research Promotion Foundation: Anna Avraamidou, Georgia Kouppa, Nicoletta Makridi, Olga Mavratsa, Fanos Kontos, Xenia Papandreou, Stavros Papacharalambous, Angeliki Hadjigregoriou.

Cyprus Youth Parliament Programme
In October 2022, Maria-Vasiliki Metti of Form 1 and Leda Hadjipanayi of Form 3 are selected to represent the School in the Cyprus Youth Parliament programme 2022-2023.

Junior Achievement Programme
In April 29023, Junior Achievement Cyprus announces that FRESHIES is awarded the First Prize in the Company of the Year 2023 Competition. The members of the team will represent Cyprus in the JA Europe Company of the Year 2023 competition to be held in Istanbul in July. Freshies is a cleaning product that contains dissolvable, foaming, cleaning capsules for the toilet. The capsules prevent infections as they kill bacteria found in the toilet, while their fresh scent of lavender and lemon eliminates any unpleasant smells. Team members: Andreas Christoforou, Anna Maria Kouma, Vera Kyriacou, Michelle Manthopoulou and Christina Paraskeva, all of Form 6.

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics Competition
In March 2023, Form 3 students Annita Stavrou, Ioanna Georgiade and Marcia Mouzouridou, are awarded the 2nd prize in the competition “Think Smart: Mind your Brain”  organised by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING), the Dana Foundation and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS). The competition is carried out within the framework of the Brain Awareness week.

13th Pancyprian Informatics BEBRAS Competition
In January 2023, the Organising Committee of the 13th BEBRAS (Pancyprian Informatics & Computational Thinking Competition for Gymnasium Students) announces the results of the first round of the competition held in December, among schools all around Cyprus. The following GCS students are ranked among the first 15 winners for their year: Form 1 – Alexandros Lazarou, Loucas Epiphaniou, Andreas Kyriakides, George Charalambides and Kyriaki Tzialli. Form 2 – Stavros Georgiou, Sotiris Theofanous and Aris Americanos. Form 3: Theocharis Karatsiolis, Sotia Koukou, Angelos Christoforou, Nikolas Xiouros, Kyriakos Antoniades and Konstantinos Patinios.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2022
In November 2022, the School is informed that the following Form 5 students have excelled in The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2022: Victoria Shahabian and Varnavas Hadjipanayis (Silver Award), Krinoula Kokkinou, Xenia Papandreou, Stephanie Leonidou, Georgia Liasides and Konstantinos Charalambous (Bronze Award). The theme for 2022 was Collective action within the Commonwealth. 

1st Cyprus Schools Grand Prix Nicosia 2022
On 18 December 2022, 17 GCS students from the Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary School take part in the 1st Cyprus Schools Grand Prix Nicosia 2022. Andreas Petrakides of Form 4 takes third place in the individual event for Secondary students. GCS wins the Primary category and shares first place in the Kindergarden category. Our Secondary team (comprising of Iasonas Diakos, Demetris Petrakides and Michalis Hadjipetris) wins 2nd Place.


Distinction in Sports

Pancyprian Track and Field Games
On 28 April 2023, Year 3 students Kyriacos Flouros and Agapi Kaniklidi represent the School in the Pancyprian Track and Field Games held in Limassol, and win the Gold Medal and the Bronze Medal respectively.

Pancyprian Volleyball Games
On 11 May 2023, the GCS Girls’ Volleyball team represent the School in Pancyprian Volleyball Games organised by the Ministry of Education and win 3rd Place.

Pancyprian Badminton Games
In January 2023, Angeliki Avraam of Form 4 represents the School in the Pancyprian Badminton Games and wins the Silver Medal.

Pancyprian Swimming Competition
On 23 February 2023, Chappa Nephelie of Form 3 represents the School in the Pancyprian Swimming Competition organised by the Ministry of Education & Culture and wins the Silver Medal.

Pancyprian Table Tennis Competition
On 24 February, Christos Theophanous of Form 6 represents the School in the Pancyprian Table Tennis Competition and wins the Silver Medal.

Junior NBA Cyprus
The GCS Lower School Basketball team representing New York Knicks in Junior NBA Cyprus 2023, wins three of its four games in the tournament and ranks 2nd. Team members: Kyriacou Kyriakos, Tsiakkouris Andreas, Tatas George, Damianou Panayiotis, Charalambides George, Neofytou Eric, Eliades Marinos, Klerides Amelie, Poursaitides Christina, Chiattala Elia, Stavrou Markos.