The School has a range of facilities, including an Administration Block with a Reception and the Management team’s offices. All classrooms are equipped with visual aids available to all teachers for more effective teaching. The School is constantly upgrading its computerization systems and services for both administration and teaching purposes.



The GCS Library is mainly a lending library, the main mission of which is to promote students’ reading and improve their literacy skills. Through its resources and facilities, the Library is able to cater for the varied academic, as well as personal, interests of the whole school community. This is promoted through the ongoing enrichment of the library collection that covers all educational purposes. A collection of books and periodicals is arranged by subject on shelves open for browsing. Internet stations have been installed in the Library, providing Internet access. Photocopying facilities are also available in the Library. The Library is fully equipped with a large selection of DVDs concerning educational, environmental and social issues. The GCS Library plays an important supportive role, where students are guided in their research and preparation of projects, and is a modern, comfortable and ideal place of study. The School Library is available to students throughout the school day and after school hours. The School employs a full-time librarian who is assisted by members of the Student-Librarians Club.


Science Labs

The School facilities include modern fully equipped Chemistry, Biology and Physics Laboratories that comply with the standards set by the GCE examination bodies and European Union safety regulations. All the Labs are centrally heated, fully ventilated and air-conditioned. Two lab technicians are employed to assist the teachers in setting up and preparing experiments. The Laboratories are also used for teaching IGCSE and A-level Science subjects so they are fully equipped with the latest advanced technology equipment, including computers, projectors, interactive boards and video presenters.


Computer Labs

The School has five Computer Labs ready to accommodate 120 users simultaneously. All computers are connected to several file servers. All the Labs are centrally heated, fully ventilated and air-conditioned. Every computer, accessible by students and teachers, is directly connected to the Internet, allowing such capabilities as Internet browsing, Email, Ftp, IRC, telnet, audio and video conferencing. Appropriate tools are used in order to ensure that students work in a safe and protected environment. Input and output devices such as scanners, digital cameras, projectors and printers are available, and their use by students and teachers is encouraged. The G C School of Careers is an officially approved Edexcel and ECDL training and examination centre.


Art & Design

The School places great emphasis on the development of students’ talents and creativity, recognising their importance in helping to develop personality and all-round performance. Art is compulsory in the first three Forms and becomes an option subject for the IGCSE and A-level exams. The School has three spacious, purpose-built, fully equipped Art & Design rooms.


School Cafeteria

The School Cafeteria (conforming with HACCP/ISO) offers its services to the entire school community. Built in the centre of the school – below the Library and the IT Centre – it contributes to the social environment of the students, as well as their welfare, as it has been designed to offer a high-quality dining environment. It offers a regular, high-quality service to students and Staff, by maintaining high standards in food handling and sanitation. The computerised point-of-sale system results in quick service, and the arrangement of the eating area enables students to sit and relax in the company of their friends, both during break time and in the afternoon. The cafeteria accommodates approximately 300 seated students.


Sports grounds

The G C School of Careers offers facilities and expertise to support its commitment to continuous athletic development. The School provides opportunities for all students to enjoy Sports regardless of ability, and they are encouraged to make full use of the facilities. Our sports facilities include a football pitch, and futsal, volleyball, handball, tennis and basketball courts. School athletes and teams participate in the District and National High School Championships and other sports competitions.

First Aid Area: All P.E. teachers are qualified first aiders with up-to-date training. Their duties include giving immediate help in case of common injuries or illnesses and ensuring that an ambulance or other professional medical help is summoned when appropriate. Fully stocked first-aid containers and travelling first-aid containers (for school trips and excursions) are kept in the P.E. teachers’ office which is suitable for first-aid treatment when required. This room is situated in the centre of the school premises, near hand washing facilities and lavatories. A defibrillator in the cafeteria can also be accessed quickly by the school’s first aiders whenever necessary.



A large Auditorium is located on the second floor. This is fully equipped with a stage, audio-visual and lighting equipment, and hosts a variety of activities ranging from commemoration of national celebrations, cultural events, lectures and theatrical performances.