Why should students use Unifrog?

This Careers platform gives students access to a significant amount of information which can help them  make informed choices regarding their university education and future career. Information is gathered, all in one place and students have the ability to record their searches, achievements and activities, and refer back to them at a later stage.


How can students as young as 12 years old benefit from this platform?

Students of the lower school are encouraged to start researching possible university courses and career options from as early on as possible, so help them set targets, and work towards achieving them. Unifrog offers students the option to record and remember their activities, hobbies and achievements. This data will be extremely useful to have towards the end of their high school career. It is a great tool for someone who is just starting their preparation for university, as each section and guide breaks the overwhelming process into smaller more manageable tasks.


Who can see my research in Unifrog?

The two School Careers Counsellors, Ms Marianna Zittis- Charalambides and Ms Angela Kaimakliotis, are able to monitor student searches. This gives the counsellors the ability to communicate with students directly on the platform and offer them tailored advice and guidance, relevant to their searches. All searches and activities recorded can be changed and updated at any time.


There is so much information on the platform, Where do I start from?

Depending on your year group, and where you currently stand with your career-related decisions, Unifrog has a lot to offer you. Students of the upper school could begin by researching the Careers Library, the MOOC and use the University searches. Students of the lower school could begin by spending time in the Subject and Know-how Libraries as well as the Personality and Interests profiles (quizzes).


What does Ecommbx have to do with the platform?

Ecommbx is a sponsor of the Unifrog platform and has no further involvement with the students’ use of the platform or their future career path. Ecommbx is a ‘global banking platform enabling you to make European and international B2B payments and settle suppliers and partners in seconds, in any currency regardless of location‘. The company has a deep rooted interest in helping students to reach their maximum potential and is eager to support such ventures.


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