The Careers Department is organizing its Annual Spring Careers Forums and we would like to invite you to attend.

Starting from Thursday, 6 February, and every other week until 30 March, professionals across eight industries will be at our school, presenting and sharing their experiences and expertise regarding Career opportunities in their field. Each Forum will begin at 6:30pm and will take place on the GCS Secondary school premises.

Most students today are significantly confused with regard to their choice of university course and consequently, career. In the UK alone, there are innumerable choices available which could create bewilderment to anyone faced with this decision. As a result, a lot of time, energy and money is wasted preparing students for careers which do not match their personality or intelligence; something which will definitely lead to poor job performance and no job satisfaction. One’s choice of career will provide them with the financial, social and personal rewards in life, and therefore it is a decision which should not be taken lightly. As a school we place great emphasis on helping students make the right decision, to experience a clearer understanding of the best career choices for them, to gain greater self-awareness in areas such as interests and abilities, and connect students to resources which will make them more knowledgeable about occupations.

This event is open to parents and students of the public, who are all welcome to come and hear about a wide range of occupations from Cyprus’ leading professionals.

Please see the event poster attached for the specific date of each forum. We look forward to seeing you all there.

The Careers Department of the G C School of Careers