The School Psychologists, the Heads of Year and the School Management, all work closely together to maintain a supportive school environment for all GCS students by helping them cope with adversity and improve their overall performance.


Counselling Psychologist

The School Counselling Psychologist helps students work through some difficult or painful emotional, behavioural or relationship problem or difficulty. The students are provided with the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts about their problem so they can understand themselves and their situation better and therefore giving new ways of coping. Students can only benefit if they want counselling, hence it takes place with the agreement of the young   person. Referrals can be made by the young person, parents or School staff and young people will be made to feel safe in the counselling session.


Sports Psychologist

While the Sports School coaches focus on the physical side of each sport, the School Psychologists focus on the young athletes’ mentality to further help them enhance their performance, achieve their goals, handle stress, and cope with the pressure of competition.  The School Psychologists frequently meet with the Sports School athletes, while in Form 2 one teaching period per week is set for sports psychology.