The School Management promotes the International Dimension which builds knowledge and understanding, and aims at developing skills and attitudes. This is achieved through the involvement of the GCS students in various European and international programmes. A large number of Upper School students participate and excel every year in the following programmes (given below in alphabetical order), and some of them are even invited by various boards and organisations to partake in the organisation of the programmes.

Junior Achievement
The JA Company Programme provides an entrepreneurial learning experience for young people aged 15 to 18 and it seeks to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial, innovative and civic-minded talents. Participants learn how to take a business idea from concept to reality and have hands-on experience of running a real business, from team formation, capital raising, business plan development, product development, marketing and sales to liquidating the company.

EUROMATH (European Student Conference in Mathematics)
A conference open to students from European or international Schools. It consists of workshops and sessions covering multiple themes, while participants are required to present work and projects on various math-related topics.

A programme where students learn about European integration by experiencing it first-hand at the European Parliament’s premises in Strasbourg. Participants are involved in committee sessions during which they debate and vote on resolutions on current affairs.

European Youth Parliament
The European Youth Parliament is an organisation which encourages European youth to actively engage in citizenship and cultural understanding. In the National Session students take part in committee work and debates on current European affairs. For the last four consecutive years, the GCS has been selected to represent Cyprus in international EYP sessions and forums.

Global Young Leaders
A ten-day leadership programme where students from all around the world come together to explore cultural differences, gain exposure to the challenges of international diplomacy, build confidence and enhance decision-making skills. Sessions take place in New York City and Washington in the U.S., Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai in China, and Vienna, Prague and Berlin, in Europe.

International Youth Summit
A summer programme during which young people aged 18-23 become part of one of the largest European platforms for youth participation and discussion. Delegates work together to create resolutions which they are then required to present in the General Assembly. The process involves debates on current affairs and teamwork.

London International Youth Science Forum
A two-week programme held at Imperial College London, with lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, visits to industrial sites, research centres, scientific institutions and organisations. The London International Youth Science Forum attracts young scientists aged 17-21 years old from more than 60 countries.

Model United Nations
An educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy and international relations. For a number of years, the GCS has been participating in the Mediterranean Model United Nations, where delegates are involved in debates and discussions on a range of crucial international issues.

Oxbridge Academic Programmes
Summer programmes organised by the Oxbridge Foundation, where students from all over the world are given the opportunity to study the subject of their interest in historic centres of learning such as the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England, St. Andrews in Scotland, as well as esteemed universities in Spain, Paris and the United States.

Youth Parliament of Greece
A programme hosted in the Hellenic Parliament annually and involves the participation of 300 young people between the ages of 17 and 20. The aim of the programme is the active participation of young Greeks in the political life of the country and their becoming active citizens.