The Mathematics School curriculum has been defined and is supervised by the Mathematics Department of the G C School of Careers. The students of The Mathematics School enjoy all benefits and privileges of student life at the GCS and, at the same time, should abide by all School rules and regulations.



The Mathematics School aims at providing a fruitful and constructive environment in which students with an exceptional ability and an intense interest in Mathematics have the opportunity to learn, explore, experiment and be challenged! Dedicated mathematics classes allow them to develop their potential to the full by studying in small groups of similar minded students who share the same passion for the subject.



The course of studies in Forms 1, 2 and 3 includes an enhanced programme in Mathematics as well as a wide range of other subjects, including English Language, Modern Greek, History, General Science, Geography, Computing and Physical Education.

In Form 3 the students take the IGCSE Mathematics exam.

In Forms 4 and 5 the curriculum of The Mathematics School includes 8 IGCSE subjects: Statistics (Form 4 only), Further Pure Mathematics, Physics, English as a first language, Modern Greek and a choice of 3 other subjects.

In Form 5 the students take the Modern Greek A-level.

The curriculum in Form 6 includes four A-level subjects, including Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and a choice of two other subjects from a range of options. Additionally, students will be prepared for the mathematics entrance tests required for admission at top universities around the world. In Form 7 students continue with three of the subjects taught in Form 6.

The mathematics academic programme will enhance maths-related skills, as well as deepen the students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. Consequently, the students of the GCS Mathematics School will be prepared for, and represent the School, in prestigious national and international mathematical competitions and maths-related programmes, and will regularly attend lectures and workshops on maths/science related topics.



The Mathematics School aims to provide an education that is both engaging and challenging, that will enable students to develop a rigorous understanding of mathematics and inspire young mathematicians to pursue further studies in their chosen fields of interest and excelling in the world’s leading universities.



Prospective students are required to take a Mathematics Aptitude Test – a test designed to determine a student’s mathematical ability. Two Partial Scholarships (30%) for all seven years will be awarded to the students who attain the highest marks. For further information, parents may contact the School’s Vice Principal Mrs Despo Polydorou at 22464400.


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