The Management Structure outlined below was devised to maintain and strengthen the School’s position as one of the leading academic institutions on the Island, promote and implement changes concerning new academic challenges and ensure continuous development. Strategic decisions are taken by the Board of Directors; the Principal and the Vice Principals coordinate the effective implementation of these decisions and direct all school functions. The latter fall into four major areas, each area being administered by an appointed Head.



Heads of Year

A Head of Year is appointed by the School Management for each Form. Consequently, there are seven Heads of Year who report directly to the Principal. The Head of Year is aware of any problems within the group, meets with students when the latter seek for his/her assistance, and supports and guides them in their decisions. The Head of Year’s duties also include contacting parents if necessary and developing good home-school communication, and keeping records of all academic and non-academic matters concerning the students.

Form 1 – Iacovidou Elena
Form 2 – Kokkoni Joanna
Form 3 – Makariou Sarah
Form 4 – Charalambous Katerina
Form 5 – Zottis Christos
Form 6 – Shiakalli Antonia
Form 7 – Zittis-Charalambides Marianna


Form Teachers

The School Management appoints one Form Teacher for each Lower School class. The major responsibility of the Form Teacher is to advise his/her students on issues concerning the importance of setting high targets for themselves, and the need to work hard and systematically to achieve them. The Form Teacher also supervises uniform and appearance as well as tardiness and absenteeism.