The members of the Student Council represent the students before the School authorities in matters concerning their problems, make suggestions, and have duties both within and outside their classrooms. They are also responsible for the organisation of school events and celebrations and the setting up of exhibitions.

The students of each Lower Form elect a President and a Vice President. The Presidents of the Lower Forms form the Lower Student Council. The Presidents of the Upper Forms form the Upper Student Council. For each of Forms 4-6 a President and a Vice President is elected. Form 7 groups are represented in the Student Council by their Form President and their Vice President. All Form Presidents and Vice Presidents of Form 7 are eligible for the Student Council President office.

All students of Form 7 are eligible to vote electronically for the Student Council President, on a date specified by the School Administration. An appointed teacher offers assistance as to how to conduct meetings, prepare reports, perform their duties etc. The President of the USC allocates duties to other Presidents with the help of the Teacher in charge.